26 January 2017

Travel: Phuket Trip, Transportation (Part 1)

Based on my experience during my trip to Phuket for 4D3N, there are limited options of transportation available to move around in Phuket. Since the attraction spots in Phuket is actually quite separated from each other, you might wanna prepare enough budget for transportation cost. It might be costly especially if you are planning to travel solo.
I'd like to share you some of transportation choices I learnt while in Phuket based on my personal opinion. I hope it will be useful.


This is the cheapest transportation that perhaps you can get especially departing from Phuket International Airport to various destinations. The price is less from 200 baht per person. Just right after you exit the arrival hall, you will immediately notice some booths selling tickets of the minibus. You won't miss the booth.

The price from the airport to Patong beach costs you 180 baht per person. If you wish to go to Phuket Town, the ticket price is 150 baht. The price varies depends on the location. The prices are displayed at their booth. I wish I could show the price list of other destinations but unfortunately I was too excited when arrived and forgot to take one. 😭

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The minibus was quite comfortable. It was a big van with AC. It took us around 40~60 minutes to reach Patong beach. There are nothing much to watch along the way, but if you are a first-timer in Thailand, it might be fun the stay awake and watch the busy road of Phuket.

However, there is one thing which I don't really like with this minibus. In my case, the bus will make a brief stop around 10~20 minutes at a travel agency. They will ask everyone to get off the bus to. Then, the some travel agents will approach us asking our accommodations. I was informed that they need the accommodations details so the driver could send us directly to the place. Then, they'll promote their island tour package but we politely refused then returned back to the bus.

I was so afraid that I took the picture of the travel agency just in case. 😂

First, I was afraid that this might be a scam to force us joining their tour package, but when we googled (luckily we bought SIM card at the airport earlier), it seemed to be a common practice for some minibus companies to make the stop and confirm back the exact location of the passengers' hotels so they could plan their route properly. They should've mention this before getting in the minibus. 

Since my hotel was in the Phuket Town, we just mentioned them to drop us at Patong beach instead of to any specific hotels. They dropped us in the centre of the Patong area, at Bangla Road near to Jungceylon Shopping Mall.

Overall, quite satisfied with the service, worth the price, comfortable and safe. Except if you experience the brief stop at the travel agency, a polite "no" might be appropriate. If you are interested to join the tour packages, do not rush. There are still lots of travel agencies at Patong with much more cheaper price.

.....stay tuned for Part 2

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