17 January 2011

Earth Citizens Festival 地球人祭り

  I went to the 'Earth Citizens Festival' (地球人祭り・ちきゅうじんまつり) yesterday at the Community Centre in Matsuyama. Sort of like a international festival. There were cultural booths & performances from different countries. Quite an alive event coz a lot people came. All of the performances were great & entertained except the guy from France (I guess). He supposed to sing on the stage but I rather call it yelling on the stage. I wish I had recorded his 'live concert' but I was too busy seeing other more interesting things that I forgot to record it. lol :p

  Speaking about this guy, I quite impressive at him coz at least he had a lot of guts to perform on the stage alone. He seems like a happy go lucky guy. Well, good for him. I wish I could have that kind of character. I mean try & enjoy. Don't have to think much. lol (^0^)

  I made a 1.5 minutes video which shows the atmosphere of this event yesterday. enjoy! :)

This guy said I was like a real mexican with this hat on.  :p

One of the performances during this festival. (I edited this video just for fun. A simple video. I know there are still a lot of things to improve).

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  1. bestnya! rindu dekat 3gatsu mikka punya matsuri...:)