04 March 2011

Tragedy February

 Spring holiday started in the middle of February after my last paper was on 16th February. Since the holiday started I was just fooling around.
 I wanna share something that happened to me on the 28th Feb. On that night, I was supposed to take a bus from Matsuyama to Kansai Airport as my flight to Kuching on the next day (1st March 2011, at 9.25am). The bus departure was 10.48pm  & would arrive at Kansai International Airport (Kanku) about at 7am on the next day. My ticket  says like 'Okaido Station - Namba Station', then I have to take a shuttle bus from Namba to Kanku.
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 Before the departure time, everything was fine as plan, I packed everything nicely, I eat my dinner, & I went to the station early than the departure time. So I waited just like everyone else. Then the bus came. I saw the sign on the bus says like 'Yawatahama Port -Kyoto', then I ignored it. I waited again untill 11.05pm, this time a 'Matsuyama - Osaka' came. When the time I entered the bus & show my ticket, the driver said I was on the wrong bus!!! Which means  my bus was that 'Yawatahama Port -Kyoto' bus! Now I learnt that the bus stops at Namba on the way to Kyoto!!  :(
What should I do?!! Where can get a bus in the middle of the night?! I checked the next day flight & there were no flights to Kansai. I might miss my flight & have to spend the rest of my holiday in 何もない松山!! I don't want that!! I would die rather than spending my holiday in Matsuyama!! :(

Luckily, I just bought a new car ('hahahaha' in happy way)..  :D
Accord tersayang! huhu ;P
Drive directly to the airport is the one & only way! いきなりドライブ!! Then with the help from my friends tersayang (huhu), my friend & I drove almost 500 km in about 5 hours finally reached Kanku with the help from senpai's navigator although a little bit of sesat (迷い)in the big city of Osaka. Alhamdulillah!! Thank you Allah!!

Just arrived at Kansai Airport

Kenangan di Kanku. terharu... haha :P