15 January 2011

Get Started

 I just realized that almost everyone has their own blog & it seems to be another new way of communication to outside world. People shared their hobbies, news, opinions, etc mostly through the internet instead of talks or discussion which how we did it before because it's easier & perhaps save time. Some people blogging just to spend their leisure or just a hobby. Some people even addicted with blogging which I couldn't tell wether it's good or not. I still curious about that though.
 Then I suddenly thought, maybe I should try. Well, experience the real thing is much better than interviewing or asking friends, 'Hey, how does it feel blogging typing in front of computer all day?' or 'What is wrong with you blogging all the time'. I bet most of them would answer 'You won't understand unless you try'.
 Maybe I could share my life in Japan because everyone (especially friends who never step their foot in japan) would ask me about Japan. Or perhaps sharing my hobbies about photography and video (new hobby though) although I'm not actually good at it. At the same time, I could get feedbacks from whoever read my blog I could get improved.
 But with all what wrote above, honestly the biggest reason why i wanna try blogging is because I just bought my new MacbookAir a month ago. lol (^o^)/ I'm not showing off though. Believe me. I just thought it would be a waste if I use my macbook just for surfing internet. I should use it more than that. I mean to exploit all the benefits that macbook have.
 Finally, I don't know how long I can keep my blog alive but I will try my best. So, to whoever you are reading my blog write now, wish me luck! (^.^)


  1. haha.... welcome to de blogging world...
    sikpa ya...perlahan2 kau..lak mun kau dah explore selalu, kau akan jadi addicted tu berblog... dengan berblog juak...kau boleh dpt duit tauk sik yang mana syarikat2 iklan yang ada akan tumpang blog kau tuk bubuh iklan sidak and mereka bayar kaw...wlupun sik byk, at least ada la tabung tuk masa depan... sila la daftarkan diri anda di www.nuffnang.com.my